Spent a couple frustrated afternoons trying to get my Acura MDX homelink to open my Liftmaster garage door.  I followed the instructions in the manual, but no matter what I would do the garage door wouldn’t open.

As it turns out, there are two steps required to get this to work.  You have to teach the MDX how to open the garage, AND you have to set the Liftmaster to accept the signal from your MDX.  It’s the second part, about setting the Lifetmaster to accept the MDX signal that is not documented in the MDX user manual.

Here are the steps I found to get my Acura MDX to open my Liftmaster garage door via homelink:
1) Hold down the button on the garage remote AND the button on the car (pos #1) AT THE SAME TIME.

2) Stop when the red light in the car’s ceiling starts blinking fast. You’re done.  This programs the garage signal into the homelink system.

3) Now park the car close to the gate. Very close.

4) Find the “learning button” on your Liftmaster. It’s supposed to be on the motor’s surface.  For me, it was an orange button on the back face of the unit.

5) Press the learning button and run to the car.  You have 30 seconds to get there are complete step 6.

6) Hold down the same button inside the car (pos #1) until it starts blinking fast.

I found these instructions on the AcuraZine forums at: http://rdx.acurazine.com/forums/showthread.php?p=12322367#post12322367 .  Thanks Levy for the help!