Trying to figure out which wii games to get for your kids?  We got a wii for christmas last year.  Love it.  Great fun.  My only issue is that there are so many games, it’s hard to decide which are worth getting.

I have two kids, a girl 5 and a boy 3.  Here are their favourites:

The Girl loves Disney Princess and WarioWare.   What makes both of them work is that the actions required of the player are quite in line with what my girl can do.  Warioware is a particularly good one as it’s actually fun for the rest of us to play.  If we’re having friends over that have never seen a wii, this is the one we load up.  The bowling game in Wii Play is also a favourite – and oddly enough, one that she can actually beat me in every once in a while.

The boy loves Diego’s Safari Rescue.  Again, the thing about this is it has actions he can handle, and as a bonus, there’s no time limits or even a way to win or lose the game.  You just guide Diego through a variety of adventures at your own pace. 

The boy doesn’t have the coordination really to do much else.  However, we do quite enjoy playing Link’s Crossbow Training together.  I am and he shoots.  Nothing says quality time like a little shooting with the boy.   Also, the boy enjoys “playing” Excite Truck with me.  I do all the work, but I give him a controller and he pretends (or maybe even thinks) he’s driving.

Those are the key ones, which I’d recommend to any parent.   Personally, my favourites would have to be Super Mario Galaxy, Ghost Squad and Excite Truck

I hope this helps, as if there’s one thing I will admit about the wii…though I love the console, there are many more bad games than there are good.  Good luck!