I have a huge golf slice.  Hit ball straight, and just as it approaches the target, it heads hard right (I’m a right handed golfer).

I have invested lots of time and effort trying to figure this out, and thus far, I’ve got the issue mostly under control.  Here’s what worked for me:

1. Propper grip.  I wasn’t holding the club properly.  I’m not so bold as to pontficate as to the propper hold, there’s lots out there on it, but for me it was key.  Shake hands with the club, club over the base of the fingers, thumb on top.  If you read stuff about strong grips, that helped to.

2. The wrist – this was the real key for me.  Keep your wrist flat at impact.  I wasn’t.  I was “cupping” my wrist – ie: flipping it backwards.  That was the major cause for my problem.  Now that I’ve learned to keep a straight wrist, I’m hitting 7 of 10 drives straight.  Much better than the 1 in 20 I was getting before.  I’ll also note, that doing this has forced me to focus on my elbows for rotation and power, which was a nice side effect

There’s so much on the internet out there about a slice – hopefully this will narrow down your searches.  I tried to find the article that put me onto the wirst issue, but there’s so many, I couldn’t find the exact one.  I still have work to do, but fixing grip and wrist thus far have really worked for me.