The CD changer on my 2003 Acura MDX had been randomly flashing ErE1 when switching CDs.  This was a problem when I purchased the car (second had from Burrard Acura in Vancouver, Canada).   Prior to purchase, the dealer promissed to fix it, or replace the unit.  Long story short, they didn’t, and I’ll never purchase a vehicle from Neo Wang and his manager Stanley Fung at Burrard Acura ever again.  And yes, I’m a little bitter about it.

Back to the issue, the problem is related to power.  The closest I got to solving this problem was when I took the unit to a very good repair shop who got the unit working on their test bench, but could not get it working, minutes later in the truck.  The tech brought out a multi-meter and discovered that the unit was not getting enough power to change CDs, jamming the changer, and causing the error.

The solution was to work around the problem.  I purchased a USA-SPEC PA11-HON adapter which let me interface my iPod with the stereo. As it turns out, there’s a port on the back of the stereo which allows you to hook up a second CD changer.  The USA Spec device, plugs your iPod into this port, mimicking a CD changer.  So you can listen to your iPod, use the controls on the steering wheel, and map iPod playlists to the CD buttons on the stereo.

The Acura MDX forum went a long way towards helping me solve this problem, and for further information, I’ll send you to the source. 

Good luck: